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OP BLACK GECKO 2023 - Main Rego

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**Early Bird only available until June 30th.**
**Main Rego only available until October 2nd.**

**LATE REGO: Contact us, increased prices are due to admin rework**
Aus Rego: 4-DAY Ticket - 3 day main event + Monday Skirmish game @ the Arena LTD
NZ Rego: 3-DAY Ticket - 3 day main event (Monday Skirmish game @ the Arena LTD can be paid on site if attending)
Registration includes all fees for this year, GUN HIRE is a seperate package.
Note: This does not include AAMS game days (Wednesday - Thursday) though only Tuesday indoor is paid.

Rego covers fields, toilets, radios, props, logistics, admin, digital and game design.
All players travelling are required to have travel insurance.

Please remember many of the organisers in both Australia and New Zealand volunteer their time throughout the year to make this event as successful as possible.

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