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About Us

OZ1 Airsoft Australia event 2015

Oscar Zulu 1 is Australia's first and only active airsoft team. Partnering with local vendors, we travel annually to the closest legal destination of airsoft, New Zealand. What started off as 5 adventurous Aussies travelling to see what airsoft was like, each year we now have up to 80 travelling players. A team diverse but united, we have played with people from all over the world including NZ, the UK, US, New Caledonia, Brazil and heaps more. Check out our Past Events page to see how far we've come. 

At the Helm

OZ1 staff


Cal has over 15 years with the cause, fighting for Airsoft legalisation and awareness in Australia since day dot.

As team founder and commander of the OZ1 force each year, Cal puts the work in all year round for our annual trips to NZ.

OZ1 staff


Josh founded the team with Cal in 2014 and has been generating events ever since. With 11+ years fighting for Airsoft in Australia and the last 7 playing in NZ, work is put in all year round each event to ensure success. 

OZ1 staff


Alpha Company 2IC Kurt Gale is a young country boy with exposure to the Australian Defence Force. 
Kurt is the boots-on-the-ground leader of OZ1 working closely with Cal and Josh on operational activities.

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