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Past Events with OZ1

(in chronological order)

Columbian Dawn - 2015

This 24 hour MilSim was based around the CIA, pitted against an extreme and ruthless drug cartel. With 24 aussies now in the mix, the "good guys" got what they badly required, numbers and support from across the Tasman Sea. We got an experience that would solidify a legacy, and the OZ1 name forever.

Invasion II - 2016

Returning to the conflict of 2014, unfinished business and blurred boundaries return the country to a state of war, but this time with ten times the troops of the first incursion. Nearly 50 Aussies, Two full days and a tiresome night of full blown MilSim.

Notable Inclusions:

  • Night Ops

  • Helo Insertion

  • Training Day before

  • 2-day event

  • Skirmish day after​

FOB 13 - 2017

The first in a new MAG trilogy, this year was an entirely new experience. Over 80 Australians stayed on-field over a number of days for a 48 hour MilSim Event. Four Platoons (Reaper, Raptor, Raven and Raider) took rotating shifts on assorted Patrols, QRF, Stag duties and rest periods. Featuring pyrotechnics, vehicular warfare, an explosive room entry and with civilian roleplay to consider, this event was bigger and better than ever before. 




This year was revolutionary for Australia's first active Airsoft team. We ran the event. OZ1 co-founders Cal and Josh were in charge of organising, designing, preparing and executing the game as a whole. An airsoft game for Australians, by Australians.
5 capture points between 2 bases with 4 respawn points were laid out on our home field, then it was game on. 
This simple yet effective game style was a massive success and one of the most diverse events yet with a special sniper team from New Caledonia flying in for the event.

+ Airsoft Week

Returning to the conflict of 2018, the UFF and GC went head to head for territory control once more. Almost 130 registrations made this a monumental event and a proven successful mix of Kiwis and Australians working together. CONQUEST 2019 also saw the inclusion of Airsoft Week, with 3 action packed days prior to the event to see what the versatility of Airsoft in action, including Greenfield skirmish, indoor CQB and an IPSC shooting course to really prepare for weekend of the event. 

Conquest 2019_KaseyAndersonIMG.jpg


The break of 3 years was a shock to us all, but the team came through for an epic end to the Conquest trilogy and the winning team scraped over a tiebreaker mission, only managing to get over the line by one HVT capture. A special mission which saw them gain a much needed 100 tickets, to win by only 80! 

This year was an emotional one for the admin team, seeing everyone come together again despite high barriers to entry compared to other years, proving the resilience of Australian airsoft is rock solid, and we are never out of the fight. 


Changing it up for the first post-COVID event, the new campaign's first installment came with some surprises wins and some surprise losses. The new concept brought a much discussed tool: Arm Bands into the fold and after much debate a return to single-medic-per-squad rules came also. 

The NEW RESISTANCE as an invading force faced off against the PEOPLE'S MILITIA in a week that saw one admin lose a tooth and the whole team lose a Saturday gaming. Outside of these small issues a fantastic week of airsoft was had by all.

Special thanks to AAMS, ARC, The Arena, UAS, Funnelweb Milsim, HTWD Productions and Gel Cartel and all the Kiwi squads for their assistance and attendance this year.


Invasion - 2014

In 2014, 5 young Australians were given the opportunity to play airsoft together in Christchurch, and thus Oscar Zulu 1 was born! These seasoned veterans, known from then on as the "First Five" went home with stories that would fill future events to 5 and 10 times the capacity of their first australian team.

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