Aussie Assassins Milsim Squad

Developed from early OZ1 events and their determined drive to make Airsoft a reality in the form they most enjoy, AAMS have become imperative to the success of OZ1. 

AAMS provides the whole package, Accomodation, Transport and Game Organisation for anyone wishing to play even more Airsoft each year. 

If you would like to sponsor OZ1 please don't hesitate to contact us or email OZ1airsoft@outlook.com

Former Affiliations

Airsoft NSW

Josh and Cal work closely with advocates from all around Australia but are especially passionate about their current residence in NSW. As Airsoft faces legal constraints on a state level primarily, Airsoft NSW aims to #legalisefun in our great state.

Military Adventure Group

Without MAG, OZ1 would likely not exist. Our base of operations in the early years year, MAG was partnered closely with OZ1 through MAG Australia while Australian Airsoft continued to gain traction.

In 2019 this relationship came to an end as MAG is
"no longer able to support Australian Airsoft".

MAG Australia

As one of the most active Airsoft communities on home soil, MAG Australia was the original base of operations for OZ1.


OZ1 Airsoft no longer recognises any form of MAG Australia and all duties have been absorbed by OZ1 staff.

Cal Built


A jack of spades and master of trades the Cal in Cal Built is also the Commander of OZ1. A master craftsman with nature as his medium, you'll not find a carpenter as skilled as this man on either side of the tasman. Check out some of his work at www.facebook.com/CalBuilt 

Command Elite Hobbies

Among the changing landscape of skirmish sports in Australia, the confirmed legitimacy of Gel Blasters here at home has spawned a new generation of skirmishers. Command Elite Hobbies are supportive of our efforts and the ripper team at Command Crew join us for all international events. For some awesome deals on the best products available in QLD


CEH 1.png
CEH Crew.png

Beau Roworth Illustration


There's a word for talent like this, but each Beau Roworth piece is worth at least a thousand.
The very best artwork we've ever seen, this legend once asked if there was anything he could do to help. We received four of the most amazing patches within days (pictured here). His art, like most, speaks for itself. Check out https://www.beauroworthillustration.com/



Tactical Threads Australia

True blue through and through, these master weavers have got some serious game when it comes to patches. Responsible for every custom patch worn by our team, including: the 5 OZ1 rank patches, the Airborne Memorial Patch, special rank patches and our very special 'Dingo Award' patch. They also sell the name tapes for all of us at OZ1, in perfect jellybean or a range of other cams. 


Surplus City

Surplus City gets us ready each year, offering a 10% discount to verified OZ1 members, we source any domestic items such as our standard jellybean (AUSCAM) uniforms and other equipment like boots and packs from either their Sydney or Canberra stores. 


Unlimited Airsoft Shop

UAS has been with us since day 1 and is our Christchurch partner store of all things airsoft. Our ammo, gear, accessories and most of our guns have all come from UAS and we love seeing Joe and Joseph at each annual event.  

Zone 67, a recent addition to the Christchurch Airsoft scene, provides an indoor venue which we higly recommend checking out.